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John Sacco


  • Technology solutions architect / project manager with 8+ years in enterprise and government IT systems
  • Application design and development experience in multiple languages, frameworks, industry sectors
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Effective with both technical and non-technical audiences
  • 5+ years experience in blockchain, cybersecurity, analytics, and free and open-source software

Blockchain Areas of Interest

  • Bitcoin - Proof of work consensus, Script, Multi-Sig, Payment channels, Lightning Network, Segwit, Schnorr signatures, Cross border payments, Rootstock, RPC
  • Ethereum - Solidity, Smart contracts, Distributed Autonomous Organizations, DApps, Stoppable Code, Mutability, Proof of Vitalik
  • Monero - Cryptonote protocol, Ring signatures, Stealth addresses, RingCT, Kovri (I2P)
  • Other Projects - Cosmos, Hyperledger, IOTA, NEO, OmiseGo, Safe Network
  • Blockchain Concepts - Proof of stake, Delegated proof of stake, Permissioned ledgers, Consortium ledgers, Game theory, Sharing economy, Decentralized governance, Blockchain analysis

Technology Experience

  • Development - Node.js, Python, .NET, C#, Meteor, Express, Jade, Golang, PHP,, Flask
  • Database - MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, MongoDB, Cassandra, Safe FME, Toad
  • Analytics - Pandas, D3.js, Spark, R, NumPy, Socrata, Tableau, PowerBI, SODA API, GIS
  • Operating System - Ubuntu, Win Server 2008/2012, CentOS, Red Hat, Raspbian, unRAID
  • Project Mgmt - Sharepoint, TFS, Visual Studio, MS Project, Jira, TFS, Git, Scrum (CSM), Agile
  • Cloud / VM - AWS, Azure, Sandstorm, Docker, VMware, Hyper-V, VirtualEnv, VirtualPC

Blockchain Technology Experience

  • Earned Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) certification
  • Developed private key generation software for cryptocurrency wallet companies using the following key formats: Bitcoin Bech32 and Segwit P2SH, Monero, Ethereum, and Litecoin.
  • Performed blockchain analysis and code review for cryptocurrency wallet company.
  • Wrote and executed smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain
  • Listed as official contributor to 1st version of the Encyclopedia of Physical Bitcoins
  • Built from source: Ethereum Go client (geth), EthereumJS, cpp-ethereum
  • Experience managing Masternodes for multiple blockchains.
  • Wrote Node.js application for cryptocurrency company to automate the monitoring of Bitcoin Vanity Gen output file. Upon match extract private key, it performs the following: Create random passphrase, BIP 38 encrypt private key, convert keys to QR code .png file, generate PDF file, insert QR codes and wallets design onto PDF for printing.
  • Created presentation on Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and dark net markets for government officials.
  • Created e-commerce site (Wordpress + WooCommerce) with cryptocurrency payment integration
  • Wrote Python Bitcoin address generator, transaction broadcaster, and BIP38 encryption script
  • Drafted and submitted BIP for block size increase to Bitcoin dev mailing list
  • Contributed to open source cryptocurrency trading engine using Poloniex and Bittrex API
  • Wrote cryptocurrency price monitoring web app using Meteor framework (Node, Blaze, mongoDB, Json)
  • Co-founded Wordpress blog covering cryptocurrencies. Implemented a decentralized funding model, hired multiple contributors, and attracted 200K unique visitors over the course of its two year life.
  • Built cryptocurrency mining pool using MPOS
  • Founded and later sold, a site to track specifications for cryptocurrencies such as distribution model, hashing algorithm, and notable features. was sold in 2015.

Professional Experience

2016-2018 – Grant Thornton, Senior Technology Consultant Project lead on multiple public and private sector clients for decision analytics, data warehousing, cybersecurity threat detection, security controls engagements. Served as backend Python developer for State of Utah Department of Transportation. Key projects include:

  • Utah Department of Transportation Business Analytics –Python development using Pandas and Socrata SODA API. Automated multiple backend functions to transmit data from Oracle/SQL to cloud repository.
  • IT Controls Assessments for Florida Dept. of Children and Families (DCF), Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA), Dept. of Corrections (FDC) – Application, database, OS, and network security analyst
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Cybersecurity Engagement – Lead analyst on advanced persistent threat detection project for large hospital focusing on ransomware and advanced malware hunting.

2014-2016 – Florida Dept. of Economic Opportunity, Application Development Manager Lead solution architect and manager of DEO’s unemployment insurance development activities. Oversaw technology transition from Deloitte to State Agency after $70M benefits modernization implementation. Scrum master overseeing .NET development, change management, and DevOps in fast-paced, agile software development environment. Designed solutions for financial system processing $1B in payments per year. Communicated to executive leadership team and influenced business and IT process decisions. Managed contracts and procurements >$10M, drafted supplemental/legislative budget requests.

  • Architected fraud pattern detection solution using Django, Golang, Apache Cassandra, Spark, & Solr.
  • Received 2015 and 2016 Prudential Productivity Award from Florida TaxWatch for fraud analytics platform known as FIRRE, detecting over 100,000 identity theft claims resulting in $500M cost avoidance.
  • Oversaw .NET development and integration of USDOL’s Separation Information Data Exchange (SIDES).
  • Drafted successful legislative budget request for FL DCF to integrate with DEO’s FIRRE.

2013-2014 – Florida Dept. of Economic Opportunity, Server and Database Administrator Responsible for administering all of DEO’s servers and databases. Performing deployments, devops, security patches, and disaster recovery procedures. Researched and recommended newer technology frameworks to replace or enhance legacy applications. Managed DEO’s contact center solution implementation (VoIP implementation, CRM, and IVR development)

  • Received 2014 Prudential Productivity Award from Florida TaxWatch for developing pilot of fraud detection solution using OpenRefine analytics tool.
  • System administrator for DEO contact center infrastructure (VoIP, IVR, CRM, Telephony).
  • Coordinated migration of email services from on-premise to Office365 cloud system.
  • Planned and executed activities for data center consolidation project in coordination with Agency for State Technology.

2012-2013 – Florida Dept. of Economic Opportunity, Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager Lead analyst for multiple project tracks on DEO’s $70M benefits modernization project. Lead technical analyst for initial and continued claims workflows, global authentication, and security framework for proprietary .NET/Oracle enterprise application. System administrator and infrastructure lead on VoIP implementation and contact center solution for 750+ agents and staff. Project manager for DEO’s contact center modernization.

  • Developed fraud detection solution using UI claims business knowledge and open source analysis software later known as FIRRE (fraud initiative rating & rules engine).
  • Led business process reengineering and reorganization of DEO’s claims and adjudication hubs.
  • Co-wrote supplemental budget request for FIRRE to USDOL, receiving $1.7M in funding.

2009-2012 – Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation, Government Operations Consultant Responsible for requirements management, creation of use cases, and coordinating application design for UC modernization project. Led UAT testing efforts for UC legacy mainframe application

  • Developed and tracked functional and technical requirements for system modernization.
  • Identified over $500K in project savings based on recent legislative changes and analysis.
  • Redesigned notice of claim correspondence to employers, resulting in increased accuracy and significant reduction in completion time.
  • Identified key design gaps and risks, avoiding project overruns and delays.

2008-2009 – Florida Leon County Supervisor of Elections, Elections Systems Consultant Assisted with planning and execution of 2008 presidential election. Trained staff and poll workers on election processes and procedures. Represented main office and fielded media requests regarding early voting, absentee ballots, and candidate qualifying.

  • Assisted with GIS mapping of Leon County districts and precincts.
  • Interpreted election policy and communicated to media and public inquiries.
  • Reviewed and implemented quality controls for voter registration accuracy.


2004-2007 Florida State University - Bachelor of Science, Political Science. Minor Economics, Psychology


  • Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute
  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Scrum Alliance
  • Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), Cryptocurrency Consortium
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